Diamonds – unique values

Diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth with a long and fascinating history. Billions of years ago enormous pressure and extreme heat in the earth’s interior turned pure carbon into sparkling diamonds. Volcanic eruptions brought them to the surface in Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada. In the hands of skilled diamond cutters using traditional and innovative cutting techniques, the raw crystal is transformed into a sparkling diamond of breath-taking beauty.

As a jeweler, you bear a great deal of responsibility: Your customers want to purchase high quality jeweler for very personal reasons and therefore generally have very individual expectations. You work hard every day and devote your time to developing creative solutions that reflect your customers: individual with expressive personalities.

We offer a wide selection of diamonds of all carats and clarities in addition to any cut and color:

  • Precisely calibrated small stones from 1.0mm to 5.0mm.
  • Very rare and valuable diamonds and brilliants.
  • All clarity grades from IF to Pique.
  • Fancy cuts like pear, oval, navette, heart, radiant, cushion and asscher, along with classic trap cuts such as emerald, baguette and princess.
  • White diamonds from D to J.
  • Colored diamonds: natural and color-treated stones in shades such as sky blue, ice blue, sea blue, apple green, lemon yellow, golden yellow, champagne, cognac, brown or black.