Competence and experience – more than just a promise

Rami Suliman
Rami Suliman trained at a diamond cutter in Israel from 1973-1979 where he discovered all the ins and outs of this responsible profession. There he learned all about the proper arrangement of angles and facets and the traditional and modern processing techniques that give the hardest mineral in the world its brilliance and luminosity. He then settled in Pforzheim and founded his own firm in 1986, which he has continued to expand ever since.
With the same passion he devotes to his firm, Rami Suliman is also dedicated to social responsibility and has made many contributions to driving social development. These include many years as a supporter of the blind workshop in Pforzheim and “Die Tafel” charity in Tel Aviv. He also chairs the Jewish congregation in Pforzheim and is actively involved in interdominational exchange there.

Orna Suliman
Orna Suliman worked with her husband Rami Suliman to found the family business in 1986. Educated as a banker in Israel, she maintains order in the company’s finances and is a competent customer contact regarding diamond selection and delivery.

Michael Suliman
As a child, Michael Suliman used to sit on his father’s lap and sort diamonds. He is currently studying business psychology in Heidelberg and helps out with the daily running of the family firm and at exhibitions. After completing his studies, he will train as a gemologist in further preparation for joining the Ramis firm.

Shanny Tal
Shanny makes our office run smoothly as an experianced office manager. She loves to support and advice our cosutmers. Special requests and fast processesing of urgent orders drives her to high performance. Her close relationship to customers and her gemological training makes her a competent service partner.

Idan Tal
Idans biggest strenght is to perfectly calibrate diamonds. Accurate quality control and perfection comes first. He learned this principle in his management & industrial control studies at Sapir University in Israel and in his gemological training at the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

Tatsächlich hat unser aufgeweckter Bürohund schon den einen oder anderen vom Tisch gefallenen Diamanten weggeschleckt. Das können wir Ihm verzeihen, denn er sorgt für unsere Sicherheit und für die gute Stimmung im Büro. Mit seinem Herzen voller Liebe freut er sich über jede menschliche Begegnung und zaubert allen unseren Besuchern ein frohes Lächeln ins Gesicht!